How to start planning a wedding?

Start by registering on a platform that will help you plan your wedding step by step. Our modern set of tools will assist you at every stage, and you'll remember the entire process as pure enjoyment.

Discover the features of our online wedding planner...

...and explore the enjoyable side of planning!

Step 1.

Task List

Begin by creating a task list to organize the preparation process.

  • Ready-made templates for step-by-step wedding planning.
  • Ability to add custom tasks.
  • Categories, deadlines, and task assignments.
  • Notifications for upcoming deadlines.
Step 2.

Guest List

Prepare a list of people with whom you'd like to celebrate this special day.

  • Intuitive division of invitations, grouping guests invited together.
  • Handling accompanying persons.
  • Tracking RSVP delivery and invitations.
  • Tracking guest RSVPs.
  • Assigning menu options and dietary restrictions.
  • Grouping and filtering the guest list.
  • Full change history.
Step 3.

Table Planner

Easily prepare a seating plan for tables and guests.

  • Create multiple variants.
  • Collaborate in real-time.
  • Choose table shapes and sizes based on the number of guests.
  • Export a view of the tables as an image along with additional information for the venue manager.
  • Monitor in real-time whether each guest has been seated at a table.

Not convinced yet?

Ordinary planning

  • Stack of crossed-out and lost pieces of paper
  • Unwieldy Excel for wedding planning


Planning with Eventioo

  • Modern set of tools to facilitate planning
  • Instant access to information from any location and device
  • Simplified collaboration with your partner

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