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Visualize your ideas for seating your guests and prepare your perfect seating chart with ease using our collaborative drag and drop editor. Optimized for weddings, but useful for any event.

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Step 1.

Arrange tables and objects

Draft your event space by arranging tables and their surroundings.

  • Pick the table type - both rounded and rectangular tables are supported.
  • Drag around, rotate, resize freely with our intuitive drag and drop features.
  • Table slot indicators will help you understand where your guests can be seated.
  • Include any surrounding objects into the plan to visualize the seating plan even better.
  • Need to make tables unique? Use custom names and color coding to bring in additional clarity.
Step 2.

Seat your guests

Bring your table plan to life by effortlessly seating your guests.

  • Place your guests at the tables by clicking around or using drag and drop. Move them around seamlessly any time.
  • Search and narrow down your guest list with our smart filters.
  • Locate your guests on the plan with one click.
  • Track your guests RSVP's right on the plan.
Step 3.

Export and share

Export in a way and format you need.

  • High quality export to image in .png format.
  • Need to share textual data? Export to .txt file.
  • Customize the export. Hide your guests' last names for extra privacy.

Visualize relations between guests

A perfect way to make every guest feel special is to consider relations between guests when creating a wedding seating chart.

With our tool, you can visualize different types of relations and analyze if closely related guests will sit together.

Smart problem detection

Our automatic checks will help you identify any problems related to the plan and solve them to keep your project on track.

Real-time Collaboration

If you are tired of planning alone, we've got you covered. Invite as many collaborators as you need and see each other's cursors and changes in real-time.

Why so many event planners love our table planner software?

Eventioo's Table Planner feature was a game-changer for my wedding planning journey. With its intuitive interface and seamless integration, I effortlessly arranged seating arrangements, accommodated preferences, and visualized the perfect layout in real-time. From managing RSVPs to collaborating with vendors, Eventioo made every step a breeze. Say 'I do' to stress-free wedding planning with Eventioo.

Lucy W

2024 Bride

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